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A Unique Equine Experience

Content Source : Trauma Retreat Centers “The Spirit Equine program of Colleen DeRango and Buddy Uldrickson is at the forefront of therapies for trauma and the healing of emotional wounds. Buddy’s calm, centered, presence, his immense horsemanship, and Colleen’s organic mastery of Somatic Experiencing™ have partnered to create a magical and transformative experience. I recommend … Continue reading A Unique Equine Experience

Healing The Family

Content Source : Family Healing/Therapy Retreats The Family Matters workshop is designed to assist members of a family with establishing a supportive and healthy recovery environment by encouraging them to be authentic, communicate productively, utilize boundaries, and function in a healthy fashion. During this workshop, family members learn how co-dependent behaviors, trauma, mood disorders, and/or … Continue reading Healing The Family

Mindfulness Can Transform

We humans are resilient creatures – we generally find ways to survive. However, surviving isn’t the same as thriving! Indeed, many times the very adaptations that helped us to survive get in the way of really living life wholeheartedly. Frequently, these self-limiting patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving are most apparent, and most problematic, in … Continue reading Mindfulness Can Transform

A Unique Healing Experience

Expressive Arts Participants can express themselves through a variety of modalities ranging from painting to music therapy to psychodrama. Yoga, Tai Chi and Acupuncture Many alternative or progressive exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga reduce stress by focusing on healing the mind, body and spirit. We also incorporate Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicinal technique … Continue reading A Unique Healing Experience

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