Eating Disorder Recovery Is a Work in Progress

By Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD, Senior Fellow at Remuda Ranch at The Meadows

When my eating was in crisis mode, my life was reduced to meals, hours, minutes. I may have planned my eating and exercise for days in advance, but the reality was that I spent my time worrying about what I would eat, regretting what I had eaten, and wondering if I would stick to the rules I had set for myself the next time.



Once I committed to recovery, I hoped for a brighter future, but all I could see before me were meals, hours, and minutes where I had to fight the urge to use my behaviors and somehow find the strength to get through the day.

Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder Workshop

Now I have combined my professional knowledge with my own experience of recovery to create Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder, an intensive, five-day workshop, held at the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows. It is a concentrated dose of time that allows for more experiences, creative expression, and peer support in a place where you are safe to be your truest self with a leader to guide your introspection, describe how you got where you are, help you to imagine how you want life to be, and help you to see that others are on this journey as well. You will return to recovery with a renewed sense of possibility, a deeper understanding of yourself, and a recognition of areas that still need work.

Source Link : Eating Disorder Workshop


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