Six workshops for Personal growth…

Personal Growth workshop Arizona

Growth and development are two strong words as they can be in a life of an individual. Many of you must be still unaware about your own mental, physical, social and emotional health. It is very necessary for you to have knowledge about your own needs, wants, desires and places for improvement. Rio Retreat Centre at The Meadows brings you six different types of Self-Improvement Workshops and Personal Growth workshop to know your inner self. They are:


  1. Men’s Sexual Recovery

    Men suffering from sexual addiction are often ashamed and embarrassed. Thus, we help them overcome their embarrassment and help them heal. This workshop is for active people who want their recovery faster and prevent relapse. Positivity is instigated in them such that they are taught to have productive experiences as well as to maintain positive relationships.

  1. Spirit: A Somatic Equine Workshop

This workshop is held in rustic ranch near Wickenburg, Arizona. This program is very interesting as it consist of experiential activities with horses, and focusing on self-esteem, needs, desires, emotional regulation, and spontaneity.

  1. Mind & Heart: A mindful path to wholehearted living

This workshop helps you maintain balance between mind and heart. We often get confused what to do and what not to do because of rationality of mind and correctness of heart. Thus, this workshop at Rio Retreat Centre helps in improving decisions and continues taking them correctly.

  1. A Man’s Way™ Retreat

It is said that a man cannot be taught HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN? Here, at Rio Retreat we teach them to be. We assist men to recover from trauma, with the help of curriculum by Dan Griffin. This five day intensive workshop is based upon books A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps and A Man’s Way through Relationships by Dan Griffin.


  1. Freedom From Emotional Eating:

    Taking The Next Steps

Generally when girls are nervous or in trauma, they tend to eat more, thus, resulting into body damage and reputation damage and lack of self-confidence. Once you recover from that, this workshop will help you overcome past experiences of eating disorder at Remuda Ranch.

  1. Living in Abundance:

    Balancing Work, Money, and Relationships
    As mentioned in the title, living in Abundance is five days’ workshop that helps you balance work life, money as well as relationships.

Attend workshops at Rio Retreat once and you will return with few more comrades.


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