8 Signs of Love Addiction – How to Tell If You Are Addicted to Love & How to Beat it!


Love addiction is mainly dependent on love relationships and a lot of dependencies. Though the beginning stages are all romantic but eventually when the dependency develops, the relationship also strains and it then turns the relationship to the love addiction stage wherein one partner who loves more or is under the impression of loving the other more becomes the love addict, and the other one becomes the love avoidant. Besides, the love addict tends to fall in love quickly with every person as he walks around with his heart on the sleeve. He eventually gets into a relationship and starts dominating the other person under the pretext of love and passion. Most of the time they get into a relationship so that they can get over the pain they had gone through in their childhood.

Tips for Reaching Personal Growth and Development


Personal growth and development are important for any human being. It is the only way through which a person gets to know himself and others well. You can always attend personality development workshops which can help you become a better version of yourself over some time. The tips for achieving personal growth and development include self-acceptance which is the most important step of all. You also need to set clear cut goals in your life which are Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Learn new things and move ahead in life by making modifications and improvements in your life wherever required. Meditation is equally important as it plays a great role in the development of one’s personality. Lastly, learn to enjoy the smaller things in life just like you would enjoy the bigger ones.


Mental Health Retreats – Solution for Your Health Problems


Issues in the mental health are caused by many factors such as genetic traits, exposure to negative influence during birth, mental chemistry and brain illness, depression, anxiety and negative stresses of life such as a death of someone close, financial issues, emotional or physical abuse or the environment of a person. Mental health retreats are important for a person as they directly bring relief to the mental health problems by alleviating stress and providing comfort in their facilities by way of amenities, privacy and a chance to relax. The surroundings are natural and thus it is beautiful and untouched. One can reconnect with nature and calm his brain which makes him feel refreshed, healthy and energised. The treatment at these mental health retreats is an effective solution to cater to your mental issues.


The Trauma/Addiction Cycle

Trauma Addiction

Addiction and trauma are interrelated. The blog checks out how they are a vicious circle and each of them depend on the other. Trauma leads to addiction and addiction leads to more trauma and more trauma eventually leads to more and more addiction. These are two inter-dependent problems and needs to be treated together. The primary problems related to trauma addiction involved substance addiction and traumatic experiences in the past. At times, when parents start comparing their kids among each other or if one of the kid is not doing well in life and is getting addicted to self-medication or if there is some kind of long term injury this can lead to trauma and addiction. Besides, kids being overly subjected to traumatic experiences in their childhood also leads to them being addicted and traumatized. People need to accept themselves and not try to be the better version of themselves due to parental or societal pressure. Only then they would be able to recover and heal themselves.


30 Things You Need to Know about Trauma and PTSD: PTSD Awareness Month

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD),is usually overlooked and missed, and the trauma associated with it is generally dismissed. This is the primary reason that there are so many people out there who struggle with this disorder and don’t know about it yet. People start thinking that whatever happened to them wasn’t bad therefore they put PTSD is on the backseat. But as a fact, PTSD and trauma are interrelated and should not be avoided in any circumstances. You need to firstly aware of the traumas that are associated with this disorder. Sexual assault and sudden outbursts of anger are few of the major reasons of PTSD. Besides, women are more prone to develop this disorder as compared to men. You can get yourself protected against it by creating a solid support function.


The Connection between Your Fuel and Your Mental Health

Mental Health

Yoga, exercise and sleep is usually the answer for the ways to manage the mental health. But as this blog points out, food also plays an important role in shaping you as a person. In order to get a good mental status, one must consume foods that are healthy. The few options which you can choose from include Mediterranean diet which includes nuts, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, fish and skinless poultry. Including Omega 3 fatty acids can also have a therapeutic effect on health. You can also choose flaxseed, hemp, lake trout, chia, and walnuts to compensate for the omega 3 needs of your body. Vitamin D is most essential to soak the sun in as much as you can and have D3 capsules too. You must avoid foods that are processed, sugary and fried. These are responsible for diminishing the mental and physical health of the people.